4 Simple Facebook Marketing Tips

We all know how important Facebook is, especially for those who sell products, services or any kind of business. However, a lot of people don’t know how to have success with the best Facebook marketing company. Lucky for you, the tips below can help you, so read over them and then implement them.

1. Post Regularly- Post regularly because this gets people’s attention, but have a strategy. For example, one day you can make a general post about your business or website, and on another day you can ask a question for your followers to answer. On another day you can post a survey and on another day you can post a news article that relates to your industry. The key is to post on a daily basis, but don’t overdo it and try to only post no more than 3-4 things per day.

2. Create Videos- People on Facebook love watching videos, which is why you should create a few videos on a weekly basis. As a rule of thumb, 1 out of 4 or 5 videos should be sales-pitched type of video. The other videos should be anything related to your business, service, products, industry and so forth. Keep your videos short and to the point because people tend to lose interest in videos longer than 5-10 minutes, so do your best to keep things short.

After you create your videos, upload them to Facebook. If you want to get more eyeballs on your videos, then pay to advertise on Facebook. This is a great way to get more people to watch your videos.

3. Give Stuff Away- Every now and then you can announce you are giving something away for free, but in exchange for your Facebook followers’ email addresses. This allows you to build a massive email list via Facebook, and best of all, you can give something such as software or an eBook away for free. You might be surprised at how fast you can build an email list with Facebook. The larger your email list gets, the more people you’ll have to market to, which means more sales and more profits.

4. Use Facebook’s Ad Service- Facebook’s ad service is great, so use it. What you can do is choose a product you sell or service you offer and create an ad on Facebook for it, but make sure you target the audience you think will be interested in your offerings. If you do this the right way, then your sales can go through the roof, but start with a small budget and create a few ads over a course of a month. This will allow you to see what works and what does, and when you find an ad that generates great results, then you can increase your budget.

If you use Facebook’s ad service, post regularly and create videos, then you could have a lot of success. The same goes if you give free stuff away. Give those Facebook marketing tips a try if you want to have success with Facebook marketing.